Is There a More Effective Way to Manage Multi-faceted Security Elements?

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Yes. Protection Plus Security Has the Solution.

Business owners and executives realize that successful management always requires an effective, efficient, and flexible management system that incorporates every aspect of business operations. The same is true for managing security.

One of the chief problems in managing security elements such as access control and video in any facility, from small to larger, distributed, or multi-site facilities is that it is nearly impossible to do so without an effective and well-integrated security management system. That is what makes the Protection Plus Security solution so exceptional. It tightly integrates S2 Security’s enterprise-class security management system software with the S2 Security video management system, incorporating access control, an IP video server, NVR, and advanced video forensics. Flexible and expandable, converged systems are ideal for a range of applications from small, independent organizations to field offices of large enterprises.

This browser-based solution allows you to use a web browser to monitor events at multiple sites, view the access control logs, link video clips to access control events, and view the video surveillance in real time or conduct a forensic search to locate and save video with a single click. With the addition of S2’s Mobile Security Office management products, field security officers and other authorized users can operate and manage their S2 system from anywhere, dramatically improving their productivity, decision making, and response time.

While the Protection Plus Security solution integrates systems to simplify tasks, it also expands capabilities. With security operations centralized, businesses can reduce the high-order tasks of security to one so they can focus on areas of highest need. Business owners, facility managers, or other authorized users can get a full, real-time view of every building in one report. It also allows you to use the systems to their fullest capacity, unhindered by processes, your access control and video management systems are better able to be utilized.

Protecting your organization from a major security breach takes being proactive on every front. Protection Plus Security helps you do exactly that. Over the following months, we will dive deeper into S2 and discuss the different facets, including access control and video management individually, so be sure to tune in for more helpful information!

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