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Does the future of your business NEED Integrated Solutions?

Boost your security quotient with connected technologies

Security has evolved with the arrival of increasingly smart, connected technologies that bolster safety and security through integrated intrusion, video, access control and fire solutions. Could this be the start of the next generation robot that stands guard over your business while you sleep?

The IoT…?

The IoT or ‘Internet of Things’ as described by many futurists connects every electronic item in your business to the internet for feedback to other devices. As detection and protection technology continues to move to the network, this provides your business the ability to integrate a vast array of devices to make you safer and more secure.

Integrated solutions take many forms and provide additional information about the protected premises. In the future it may look like a warrior with an Iron Man façade but today for example, not only can you deploy sensors to detect motion and trigger an alert or alarm, but integrate these devices with video surveillance cameras. An immediate view of what or who may have caused the alarm can be sent as a video clip to a computer or smartphone or trigger email notification.

Video cameras are used in unmanned areas where a receptionist may not be present, so occupants can be alerted when a visitor arrives.

Integrated technologies for energy savings, occupant safety and control

Fire alarm solutions are integrated with elevator controls to prevent employees from using these methods of transport in the event of a life-threatening safety emergency. When a fire is detected, circuitry prevents elevators from operating so employees are not in danger of entering and being trapped.

Access control is increasingly integrated with video surveillance and leveraged for human resources functions and accountability. For example, when the card or other credential is presented, it subsequently triggers video for a visual record of who the person is, when they are coming in and also, how long they stayed at the business. This may also assist when incidents of theft or liability arise, so you can view archived video records for pertinent information. Detailed reports and other documentation can be gleaned from this activity as well.

At Protection Plus Security every solution is custom-designed and specified as a customer fit to surmount the challenges and issues you may be facing. We conduct a thorough on-site consultation and walk-through of the premises before deciding on equipment, taking into consideration the 6 Simple Steps to Boost Your Security Quotient Technology coupled with common sense techniques bolster protection.

Security technology is a magnificent machine. It’s progressed to the point where you can use your smartphone for all kinds of functions, including access control and viewing premises video. But to really boost your security quotient consider some common sense techniques and tactics that will do wonders to enhance what you already have in place. In many cases, the eyes and ears of your employees are critical in overall security protection. Employees need to know what’s important and what your security philosophy is, so they can in turn feel engaged and entrenched in a successful outcome.

Here are six simple steps to get the most out of security:

1. See Something, Say Something—Let employees know they have a stake in making the premises safer and more secure. Make sure they have a sounding board or person to turn to when they see something unusual, or find an unsafe situation or accident waiting to happen. Bring everyone on board with your security plans and goals.

2. Plan and Practice—Create an emergency evacuation and crisis plan with specific steps to take and practice it. The reality of the situation is that even active shooter scenarios have to be considered and everyone needs to know what they should do and the areas where they can find refuge. Consider lockdown technologies, many of which are possible with access control solutions on the market.

3. Got Surveillance? Let Everyone Know—Video surveillance is a critical part of security and there’s nothing wrong with letting employees and visitors know they are being watched or recorded. In fact, studies suggest that the mere presence of cameras and signs announcing their use can be an effective deterrent in preventing criminal activity and internal theft.

4. Keep Work Areas Safe—When you have a warehouse or other distribution or processing center, safety is critical. It may be a matter of making sure floors are clean and dry to avoid slip and falls, or even using access control on critical pieces of machinery that should only be used by certified or trained individuals. Liability claims can often be avoided by appointing a person to monitor the business or facility for potential vulnerabilities.

5. Consider Integrated Technologies—With most products network-based, it’s easier than ever to integrate technologies for greater security and safety. For example, you can use access control integrated with video to trigger camera surveillance recording and also leverage the technology for human resources accountability similar to a time clock.

6. Regularly Access Security—Security technology is changing rapidly and Protection Plus Security is your personal security consultant. We can do a walk-through of your facility and suggest simple strategies or add-ons that may bolster safety and security. If your facility has grown or changed its floor plan you may also need to add security or even evaluate where intrusion detection and video has been placed. CONTACT Protection Plus Security today for a no-obligation reassessment of the facility.

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