Important Considerations In Evaluating Video Management Systems

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Important Considerations In Evaluating Video Management Systems

Video has long been one of the driving forces in security, and that has never been truer than today. But it’s widespread use comes with a challenge– video management. Enterprises invest large amounts of time and money into this important security component, and wisely so, but storing data and then finding it later can become a logistical nightmare. This is why having one effective management system is so important.

A video management system is a combination of cameras, video software, and server hardware that enables the user to store video from various cameras on one platform to be reviewed in the future. Most video systems simply store recordings based on time, date, and motion activity; making retrieval of the pertinent video events time consuming.

With an integrated security platform such as the S2 Security system it allows for the linking of video events to other critical security events such a card reads, valid and invalid reads, doors openings, and alarm events. These linked events can be quickly and easily reviewed without searching through hours of video recordings.

We at Protection Plus Security recommend S2 Security system because of its comprehensive options and advanced flexibility. It offers tight integration of video with access control and event monitoring. Incorporating IP video server, NVR, and video forensics, the system allows for a wide range of applications. The browser-based desktop is fully customizable to display multiple cameras and real-time events. With its advanced video forensics, locating and saving your video is faster and easier than ever.

Protecting your organization from a major security breach takes being proactive on every front. Protection Plus Security helps you do that with precisely the right solutions.

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